DVR/Dashcam Live View Software

Complete fleet safety and driver improvement

With the power of high-definition fleet dash camera technology, it is now easier to fully understand the road ahead from your drivers' perspective, whilst keeping your fleet assets and staff safe in the field. 

High quality dashcam footage, streamed live to our powerful fleet management software, gives you the ability to put context to harsh driving events, allowing more meaningful coaching of drivers to improve their driving safety and standards. 

Live streamed to the software panel

Unlike other fleet dashcam technology which relies on separate software to view the camera footage, our system is fully integrated within our powerful fleet management software meaning you don't need to ever leave the software platform to view your dashcam footage.

Footage is streamed whenever the vehicle ignition is turned on, giving you full footage of your vehicles movements. 

High-definition fleet dashcam

High-definition front and driver facing camera offering 1080p high-definition recording for upwards of 40 hours of footage on our standard option, ranging up to 300 hours of saved footage through our extended DVR solution. 

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