GPS Fleet Tracking Software

GPS Fleet tracking software platform

Quickly see where your fleet vehicles are, anywhere in the world

At a glance, it is easy to pinpoint the location of your vehicles anywhere on the map using GPS tracking technology that is installed in your fleet vehicle. Giving you a full top-down view over your entire fleet at any given time, 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Armed with this powerful information, you can drive productivity and efficiency across your whole business, whilst being allowed the time to do what matters most - run your business.
I would have no reservation in recommending GTrak to any other transport company or service provider

Andy McLaughlin - TEF Transport Ltd

Managing Director

Improve efficiency, and get stuff done

GPS fleet management gives you the full picture about where your vehicles are, and how they are being used, whilst allowing you to drill down further into the figures to discover how operations can be improved and refined over time.

GPS fleet tracking has many great features

Our GPS fleet tracking system is designed to make your life much easier, helping you to focus on what really matters - running your business.

GPS tracking for cars, vans and heavy goods vehicles out in the field can vastly improve the efficiency and safety of your fleet, with return on investment usually seen within 6 months of install.
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HMRC compliance

Stay within the taxation regulations and prove vehicles are not used for personal use.

Customer Service

Be reactive to the nearest engineer and accurately inform of arrival times

Live traffic

Guide your staff around any traffic congestion with live data.

Out of hours

Run historical reports or set live alerts for any unauthorised vehicle use

Working hours

Using start stop & time sheet reports make sure you are paying your staff accurately.

Our GPS Fleet tracking software works across many industries

Courier services
Haulage and Heavy Goods
Ambulance services
Construction & Plant

Get the full picture on your fleet performance

Quickly see the current and historic performance of your fleet through our powerful reporting suite. 

Our easy-to-use reports let you easily drill down into the figures to manage your progress towards to smashing your business goals. 

The real-time GPS tracking data feeds directly into the reports giving you the full picture at all times. 

Extending our GPS fleet tracking software with powerful telematics add-ons

Remote tachograph download software

Remotely download tachograph data files on a schedule to ensure you stay in compliance
Learn more about Remote Tacho Download

DVR/DashCam remote download software

Remotely download video footage from your DVR/Dash cams
Learn more about DashCam Remote Download

Simple geofencing

Easily set geofenced areas on the map to automatically trigger alerts when vehicles enter or leave those areas. 

This gives you total piece of mind that should your vehicles move out of the geofence out of hours that you will be quickly alerted to the fact.

Works across mobile, tablet and desktop devices

We have built our GPS tracking app to work across all of your devices, meaning wherever you are, you can always get the fleet information you need, right at your fingertips.

Our powerful mobile app makes it simple to put the power of GPS fleet tracking literally in the palm of your hand. 

Connect drivers to vehicles using driver ID

With simple key fob, you can easily allow drivers to 'log in' to specific vehicles making fleet analytics even more powerful. 

See exactly who is driving which vehicle at any given time, and help to shape individual driver behaviour by having key driver information linked to each of your staff members who are out on the road. 

Drive a safer fleet

The GPS tracking software gives you almost real-time driver behaviour data allowing you to easily pick up on bad and dangerous driving practices so these can be highlighted to drivers in order to promote better driving standards across your fleet.

Safer drivers mean less risk for your fleet vehicles, meaning a reduction in insurance and legal claims, whilst helping to keep your vehicles, your staff and other road users safe.

GPS fleet tracking software features

Map view

Quickly see your entire fleet on the map, anywhere across the world. With satellite, road and even street view available

Reporting suite

Powerful reports help you fully understand the figures that drive your fleet. From driver behaviour to operating hours, through to mileage and fuel reports. Over 20 reports available

Custom map views

Road map, hybrid, open street map, Google Road Maps and Google street view

Driver ID

Easily link each driver to specific vehicles using driver ID key fob technology

Input monitoring

Easily monitor various inputs from your vehicles to give you access to crucial vehicle information

Output control

Turn on/off certain systems remotely using the installed tracker unit

Dashcam integration

We offer a fully integrated fleet dashcam solution with live view and easy remote download
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Easy to setup geofence areas which allow you to receive alerts when vehicles enter or leave certain areas on the map

GPS Trailer Tracking

Tracking your trailers is also easy through the fleet management software
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Route history

Quickly see the historical route data for any of your fleet vehicles quickly and easily

Temperature sensing

Remotely monitor temperatures from within the tracking panel

Service hours

Fully monitor driver hours for all of your fleet vehicles, and gain powerful insight into every one of your vehicles' use

Maintenance schedules

Set useful scheduled maintenance reminders to be sent to keep you up to date with all your vehicle maintenance requirements

Scheduled reports

Many of our reports can be set to an automatic schedule meaning you don't have to worry about running your next report

Out of hours alerts

Out of hours vehicle use can be a real detriment to your business. Stop this by setting alerts for vehicles being used when they shouldn't be

We work with a range of companies to help improve their fleet efficiency

Our clients love our simple to use GPS fleet tracking software, and that's why our clients have stayed with us for many years.

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