GPS Trailer tracking

Improve the visibility and utilisation of all your trailers

Get a real-time overview of the exact whereabouts of all of your trailers, both parked on-site and in-transit out in the field using powerful GPS trailer tracking technology. 

Being armed with this knowledge, it is easy for you to fully utilise every one of your trailers more effectively. 

GPS trailer tracking features

Highly accurate GPS data

GPS and GLONASS tracking systems give pinpoint accurate location data

Long lasting battery

Our GPS trailer trackers have incredible battery life, offering up to 5 years of continuous use

Movement and schedule-based tracking data

Receive location updates periodically through the day or at set intervals as well as whenever your trailer moves

Theft protection

In the event of your trailer being stolen, quickly activate real-time location data to track your trailer's movement 

Operating hours reports

Quickly get the trailers operating hour figures in an in-depth report from our reporting suite

Scheduled maintenance

Easily set reminders for proactive maintenance of your trailers

Impact detection

Get easy notifications whenever your trailer suffers any form of impact


Easily setup geofences that will automatically trigger alerts whenever a trailer enters or leaves certain areas

Long lasting, weatherproof - built to last

Our GPS trailer trackers are extremely robust and built to last outside in any weather or conditions

Simple installation

Our GPS trailer tracking is super quick and easy to install, and can be installed in a variety of ways

Flexible configuration

Easily configurable tracker settings to monitor heartbeat, movement, and more to suit your setup

Works globally

GPS tracking allows you to see the location of all your trailers wherever they are in the world

Trailer location and history reports right at your fingertips

Our GPS trailer tracking technology fully integrates into our powerful GPS fleet management software system, meaning you can get the full picture over real-time, and historical locations for each and every one of your tracked trailers without ever needing to leave the fleet management software. 

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