DVR/Dashcam Remote Download Software

Footage from the moment the ignition is turned on

Our high-quality fleet dashcams can record onto onboard storage or onto larger DVR systems and can then be downloaded from within our fleet management software for later viewing.

With upwards of 300 hours of high-definition dashcam footage available to store and download as and when required. 

Reduce insurance and accident risk

With up to 300 hours of recorded footage using our high-capacity DVR system, you can be rest assured that should one of your vehicles be involved in an accident that you will be armed with the dashcam footage to help prove who was at fault.

Simply download the required footage through our fleet management platform and gain the crucial accident information you require to make a successful claim. 

Drive safer practices

Capture unsafe driving behaviour using the driver-facing camera and download this footage for use in your driver training to better improve the safety of all your drivers out in the field.

Quickly pinpoint areas of driver safety concern so you can easily train drivers on better and safer driving, vastly improving your fleet safety and reducing your insurance and accident risk across your entire fleet. 

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