Remote Tacho Download Software

Easy remote download of tachograph card data

Take out the stress of downloading driver tacho cards and let our powerful tacho download integration do this for you.

Easily download driver tacho card data when required directly through our fleet management platform

More reasons our remote tacho software is so powerful

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Fully automated

With the time consuming process of downloading data being an issue as drivers and vehicles are spread across the country, the option of a fully automated remote downloading facility is increasingly becoming the preferred choice.

Eliminate risks

Our solution of gathering driver and vehicle data for an entire fleet eradicates the need to manually retrieve the data from vehicles or driver, thus eliminating the risk of 'missing data'.

Fully secure

Our service requires the digital company card to be hosted securely on our GTRAK server.

Our software integrates into your current tachograph software

We can integrate directly into the tachograph software you may currently be using meaning you can use the GTrak GPS fleet tracking platform with the remote tachograph download working in the background, sending data to the current tacho software you already use for tacho download and analysis. This is subject to a free consultation.

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