GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Understand where your fleet vehicles are anywhere on the map, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using the power of GPS tracking technology.

Dashcam Live View

Easily see the road ahead from the perspective your drivers see the road. Capture high-definition footage of your drivers' behaviour, as well as help protect against fraudulent accident claims.

GPS Trailer Tracking

Powerful, long lasting battery-powered GPS trailer tracking allows you to fully monitor and utilise every trailer in your fleet wherever they are in the world.

Remote tacho download

Remotely download tachograph data files on a schedule to ensure you stay in compliance. Downloaded data can be manually downloaded from the platform in DDD file format, and/or pushed directly to your preferred web-based tacho analysis platform.

DVR/Dashcam Remote Download

Remotely download video footage from your DVR/Dash cams. Ideal for when your vehicle has had an incident and footage is required before it gets back to base.

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