Fleet management software for transport companies

Reduce fuel consumption. Stay compliant. Understand your fleet. Increase safety. 

Powerful GPS Fleet Tracking

GTrak's tried and trusted GPS tracking solution gives you all the tools you need, right at your fingertips, to help your business reduce fuel usage, improve the efficiency of all your fleet vehicles, stay compliant and help your staff be safer whilst out on the road, wherever they may be in the world. With our powerful suite of tools at your disposal, you can focus on what really matters - running your business.
Reduce operating costs across the board
Reduce fuel and maintenance expenses across your fleet 
Stay compliant with Tachograph data
Manage tacho analysis and downloads, and keep up to date with driver hours
Enhance productivity and timeliness
Enhance route planning and driver schedules to improve productivity
Stick to schedules and make your clients happy
Keep your customers up to date with real-time information about the whereabouts of deliveries
Improve driver safety and awareness
Help combat poor and dangerous driving behaviour and practices 
Complete top-down view over your entire fleet
GPS vehicle tracking lets you see exactly where your vehicles are anywhere on the map

How our solution helps the transport industry

Vehicle tracking
Driver management

See your entire fleet on the map, anywhere in the world and on any device

We install cutting-edge GPS trackers to your heavy goods vehicles, and our GPS tracking software gives you a full picture of where your fleet vehicles are on the map in almost real-time. Our software also works across multiple devices so you can be rest assured you'll be in the know wherever you are, any time. 

Making your drivers safer and more efficient

Log drivers to vehicles using driver login allowing you to help your drivers become better and safer on the road. See drivers stats in powerful reports to help coach drivers in better driving practices. 

Also remove tedious daily tasks from drivers so they can be more efficient, spending time driving as opposed to completing admin based tasks which our software can take away from drivers. 

Stay compliant at all times with powerful tacho data when you need it

Easy management of tacho analysis and downloads, right from inside the software panel, makes it easy for you and your drivers to stay fully compliant. 

Monitor key metrics across your entire fleet

Powerful, real-time reporting allows you to monitor where you may be burning money in your fleet. Poor driving behaviour and practices could be costing you thousands in fuel, as well as increasing maintenance costs and downtime. Reduce fuel costs, improve safety and increase efficiency and you'll soon see your fleet become more profitable. 
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Return on investment, typically within 6-9 months

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