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We work with a range of companies to help improve their fleet efficiency

Our clients love our system so much they have stayed with us for many years

Typically see return on investment within 6 months

Many of of our customers see a return on their initial investment within 6 months of our GPS Fleet Tracking system being installed in their fleet vehicles.

GPS fleet tracking software features

Map view

Quickly see your entire fleet on the map, anywhere across the world. With satellite, road and even street view available

Reporting suite

Powerful reports help you fully understand the figures that drive your fleet. From driver behaviour to operating hours, through to mileage and fuel reports. Over 20 reports available

Custom map views

Road map, hybrid, open street map, Google Road Maps and Google street view

Driver ID

Easily link each driver to specific vehicles using driver ID key fob technology

Input monitoring

Easily monitor various inputs from your vehicles to give you access to crucial vehicle information

Output control

Turn on/off certain systems remotely using the installed tracker unit

Dashcam integration

We offer a fully integrated fleet dashcam solution with live view and easy remote download
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Easy to setup geofence areas which allow you to receive alerts when vehicles enter or leave certain areas on the map

GPS Trailer Tracking

Tracking your trailers is also easy through the fleet management software
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Route history

Quickly see the historical route data for any of your fleet vehicles quickly and easily

Temperature sensing

Remotely monitor temperatures from within the tracking panel

Service hours

Fully monitor driver hours for all of your fleet vehicles, and gain powerful insight into every one of your vehicles' use

Maintenance schedules

Set useful scheduled maintenance reminders to be sent to keep you up to date with all your vehicle maintenance requirements

Scheduled reports

Many of our reports can be set to an automatic schedule meaning you don't have to worry about running your next report

Out of hours alerts

Out of hours vehicle use can be a real detriment to your business. Stop this by setting alerts for vehicles being used when they shouldn't be

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